What are cookies, local storage & tracking pixels?

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your device whenever you browse a website. The information the cookie contains is set by us and returned to us whenever you make a request.
Local storage is like cookies but allows larger amounts of data to be stored.
A tracking pixel is a small piece of code used to gather statistics on activities such as viewing a web page, clicking/opening an email or completing a task.

What are they used for?

Targeted Advertising

Internet-based advertising is a method used to make advertisements you see across the web more relevant to you based on the type of websites you visit.


To help track usage of our website. A Google Analytics pixel is placed on each page and we utilize features like IP masking to ensure any personal data is stripped before being sent. Learn more about the cookies Google Analytics may place.
To help track usage of emails we send. Our email provider SparkPost places a pixel in each email to help report on opens and clicks.


To keep you logged in.
To prevent unauthorized access to your account.


To help remember and customize your experience, for example, on a small mobile device you can click "Lock desktop mode" that will remember to browse the website on a bigger resolution.

Performance & Security

To help combat fraud, spam & other practices dangerous to our platform. Incapsula & MaxCDN are used to protect from cyber threats and offer faster performance through caching and optimization.


To track your progress of tasks through our providers (earning areas). Learn more about tips with cookies and providers here.

What are some good practices?

Cookies are persistent and stored locally which means they can be accessible if someone uses your device.
Log out each time you are done using instapayee, especially if multiple people use your device.
Configure your browser to clear cookies each time you exit. Some browsers allow you to configure this for just specific websites.

How can I opt-out?

Cookies are required for instapayee to function properly, for example, disabling cookies will result in login information not being saved.
You can opt-out or learn more of internet-based advertising by visiting, and
You can opt-out of Google Analytics by installing their browser add-on.