How do I verify my phone number to place a withdrawal request ?

Prior to every withdrawal of points, members must go through the validation process. An automated phone call, email or code will be sent to you. And you will be required to enter that code into our system to process the withdrawal. Please note, you are not allowed to use somebody else’s phone number, email, Google voice or internet based phone numbers, to validate your withdrawal.  This is a security measure to prevent abuse and you are requested to cooperate.

Here is how you should enter your phone number : Your country code followed by your local code (if applicable) followed by your mobile number.

So for example , for an user in India , the user should enter +91 (country code) then phone number 8100040410  | So the full number would be  +918100040410

For an user from the USA, the user should enter +1 (country code) followed by their phone number 3254526585 |  So the full number would be +13254526585


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